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You can leave the time-consuming bureaucratic tasks to us. We have extensive experience in cooperation and all bureaucratic processes with all authorities. We use our contacts to simplify and accelerate these processes. We ensure a smooth process, regardless of whether it is a visa, residence or work permit – we use our knowledge and the crucial contacts. From application to collection, we are at your side personally. If your personal presence is not necessary, we will take care of the administrative procedures for you.  

During the process of your personnel exchange we keep your matters in mind and remind you on time. 

At the end of your stay we arrange all the necessary steps for a smooth return home and de-registration.

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Whether rental support, the purchase of a property or temporary accommodation, being at home means comfort and security. We ensure this through personal knowledge of the local real estate sector and well-developed network. When searching for a property, we will cater entirely to your wishes and specifications and strive for a quick and smooth process. From moving in to departure. We coordinate your move to your new home. We are the central contact and real estate manager for our clients, the landlord as well as our customers from the HR team. We create a personal profile with requirements and examine the current housing market. After a pre-selection of suitable properties, we coordinate the viewing of the residential properties, accompanied by a multilingual specialist, which will assist in the translation, explanation negotiation and signing of the rental agreement. The next step is to move. We obtain, compare and negotiate offers from various qualified moving companies and take care of the necessary formalities. We coordinate appointments, the relocation process, craftsmen, cleaning services and deliveries. We also offer support in purchasing and renting household items, interior and decorations. 

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For your new employee, the orientation phase is often a time of uncertainty. Together with you, we are the central point of contact. The more precise our concept is, the more satisfied and focused is a new start! 

We know that for parents a crucial component for a smooth start in the new home is the well-being and the secured future of the own children. We support our clients multilingually, competently and empathically. We provide detailed information about the local situation, the German school system and work on the conditions to be fulfilled with the client. After a pre-selection process, we advise our clients about the facilities, coordinate visits for viewing and give support in bureaucratic procedures. Your children should be happy in their new environment and be able to make friends quickly. Good contacts to local children promote cultural integration and faster and easier learning of the language.

A job-related transfer abroad is a very complex challenge. To facilitate the change to a new home and its culture, we put special emphasis on family members and life partners of our clients. To ensure a fast and healthy social integration for our client and their relatives we offer an individual concept of social integration. This includes for example:

  • Parenting support (applying for child and parental benefits, finding and registering for school or kindergarten etc.)
  • Leisure activities (Culture, Enjoyment, Sports)
  • Membership in sports clubs etc.
  • Assistence in finding service providers and business in the area (Cleaners, Babysitters etc.)
  • Registration of pets
  • Application for a resident parking permit
  • Change and registration of motor vehicles with all necessary inspections (TÜV/ASU)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Transcription of driving licenses
  • Declaration of the traffic system (also in the form of written documents)
  • Opening a Bank Account etc.
  • Info-Kit with help and tips for life

We are happy to answer all questions about our services or specific questions about your concerns. Call us and tell us your request. We look forward to helping you in all matters.

Our company guarantees a quick and discreet handling of all your orders. Our team of highly qualified employees is available to you day and night – because your satisfaction is our top priority.